Friday, 8 July 2011

Preview Gmail's New look...Its really cool..

Couple of days ago gmail team released two new themes for gmail(Preview and Preview(Dense)).It gives a simple,cleaner and more modern look for gmail compared to other themes.Here is the difference between the classic theme and Preview theme

This is the classic theme

After applying Preview Theme the gmail will look like this

As you can see there is significant difference in displaying messages.They had changed the line spacing between the mails and advertisements now displayed on the bottom rather than top.To know more about the Preview theme go to
To activate the Preview theme go to

Mail settings ->Themes Tab->Select Preview or Preview(Dense)..its done


  1. Hi Senan,
    So you are into blogging as well.
    Welcome and looking forward to read your posts.

  2. The theme is pretty good, but I am still using the classic theme. The reason is that it takes a lot of time to load the theme than the classic theme. And people like me who have slower internet connection better stay away from it. :)

  3. Oh is it but i haven't experienced any slowness in loading the new theme

  4. Thats bcoz I am accessing net via mobile connected through data cable. So u can imagine the speed. :) The classic theme works perfect for me..
    And do visit my blog HotKool too.. I've added your blog to my listings there.. :)

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  6. Mistake!!!
    By "Classic theme", what I meant was the standard theme(or Basic HTML version) of Gmail. Just noticed that both are different.